We are all-rounders with many years of professional experience in the coffee sector in the core functions of trade, logistics, procurement, quality assurance and coaching.

With our offer we want to target especially the following customer segment:

  • Coffee roasters worldwide with a focus on SME’s (small and medium enterprises)   
  • Fast food chains and food companies   
  • Smaller to medium sized green coffee trading companies   
  • Exporters and Cooperatives in coffee producing countries   
  • Logistic and transportation service providers   

From cost optimization until transformation

1.   Cost optimization and performance measurement procurement, supply chain and blend engineering

We are specialists in performance measurement and illustrate you in a simple and pragmatic way options to measure the performance of your procurement, supply chain and quality department.

2. Vendor analysis with optimization recommendations

We analyze your current vendor base and work out optimization recommendations based on your criteria’s of quality assurance and rendering services.

3.   Analysis of your green coffee portfolio / blend engineering recommendations

We possess over many years of experience in blend engineering and together with you establish a concept with cost optimization potential of your green blend portfolios always with the main aim to maintain your current taste profiles

4.   Consulting and coaching during transformation of projects

The transformation from current estate (‚as is’) to future estate (‚to be’) belongs to one of the most difficult challenges of each project. We assume the project management or parts of the project in case of need and guarantee a successful transformation.

5.   Negotiation of rates with transportation companies and shipping lines

We take care of the organization of your logistics and negotiate tariffs with the service providers. We guarantee full transparency of the negotiated rates.

6.   Broker and agent of green coffee

We take care of the procurement of your green coffee and or provide you with the best price/quality ratio for your qualities.

We gladly offer additional services on request. Please contact us non-binding in order to discuss.

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Optimisation of Green coffee procurement and supply chain – Delica

The case study was worked out in a fast, very efficient and case study ...

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